My name is Anja Dupond Holdt Lange, and I am the owner of Dekoform.

Here’s a summary of my professional background: I passed my exam at Svendborg School of Decorative Arts and completed my display artist apprenticeship at Cocktail fashion shop in Odense in 2000.

I worked with Magasin in Odense as a display artist for a while, and was hired by Day Birger et Mikkelsen to become in charge of merchandising and styling of their shops and showrooms in Denmark and throughout Europe. At the turn of the century, a dream came true as I started my own business.

Dekoform was founded in 2001. We specialize in interiordesign for residential and commercial clients. We have a showroom in Overgade in Odense, Denmark.

I invite you to contact Dekoform for a discussion of your next interior design project. Tell me about your ideas, and let me know what your expectations are for co-operation with Dekoform.

You may not have an exact idea of the work or changes you want,but you know that you want something to be done!Let us discuss the matter, and let us make a plan and set a time schedule. You may just want tochange the furniture and accessories, or you maywant major changes requiring professional workmen.

Dekoform works with a team of workmen who deliver high quality work and never fail to meet deadlines, but we are also prepared to co-operate with workmen picked by yourself.